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College of Central Bankers

The Global Interdependence Center is pleased to announce our College of Central Bankers initiative to further sustain and enhance our relationship with former leaders of the world’s central banks. GIC enjoys a long and trusted rapport with current and former leaders of central banks both in the US and across the globe. Through their participation in our events, the GIC offers a distinguished, neutral platform for thought leadership on important macroeconomic and socially important topics – many in central banking and monetary policy.

GIC proudly announced the first members of the College of Central Bankers at the 2018 Global Citizen Award and Global Economic and Policy Outlook at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. These inaugural members are:

  • Christian Noyer, Honorary Governor, Banque de France
  • Anthony Santomero, Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • William Poole, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute and Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

The College of Central Bankers will continue to enhance GIC’s position as a leader in international dialogue and to further strengthen GIC’s connection to the central banking community. Examples of benefits for members of the GIC College of Central Bankers are:

  • The opportunity to conduct/publish research/comment on GIC platforms such as GIC’s website and social media
  • Invitation to speak at GIC’s domestic and international programs with defrayed travel expenses as appropriate
  • Opportunity to participate in College of Central Bankers‐specific programs, which will feature members’ expertise and research
  • Opportunity for members to be prominently promoted by GIC as affiliated with the College of Central Bankers including exposure to members of the media, and referral in response to media’s requests for experts
  • The College of Central Bankers would publish (or collaborate in the publishing) the work of its members, invited authors, and other thought leaders through the GIC and College web site(s)


GIC College of Central Banking blog series

The GIC College of Central Banking blog series allows members of the GIC community to publish thoughts and findings on issues relating specifically to the Central Banking industry. We encourage you to explore the below posts and share your thoughts in the comments.


The College and its membership will operate within the GIC umbrella and with GIC’s administrative support.