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College of Central Bankers

The Global Interdependence Center’s College of Central Bankers initiative provides a platform for former leaders of the world’s central banks and similar institutions to share their unique combination of hands on experience and continued thought leadership on important global issues facing economies and effecting the quality of life.

GIC enjoys a long and trusted rapport with current and former leaders of central banks both in the US and across the globe. Through their participation in our events, the GIC offers a distinguished, neutral platform for thought leadership on important macroeconomic and socially important topics – many in central banking and monetary policy.


The Fellows of the College of Central Bankers are:

2022 Inductees:

2021 Inductees:

2020 Inductees:

2019 Inductees:

  • Charles Plosser, Former President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Dennis Lockhart, Former President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

2018 Inductees:


The College of Central Bankers includes an active Advisory Board, consisting of:

  • Peter A. Gold, Esq., Chair of the College of Central Bankers, GIC Vice Chair and Principal, TheGoldGroup, LLC
  • David E. Altig, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Michael Drury, GIC Vice Chair of International and Chief Economist for McVean Trading & Investments, LLC
  • Paul Horne, GIC Board Member and Active Independent International Market Economist
  • Bill Kennedy, GIC Vice Chair of Programs and Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Investment Officer of RiskBridge Advisors
  • David Kotok, GIC Board Member and Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors
  • Michael McKee, International Economics and Policy Correspondent for Bloomberg Television and Radio
  • Don Rissmiller, Founding Partner and Chief Economist of Strategas
  • Jeremy Siegel, Ph.D., Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Kathleen Stephansen, GIC Chair, Senior Economist for Haver Analytics, and Trustee of EQAT Trust Funds
  • Herb Taylor, Ph.D., Secretary of the Federal Advisory Council


The College of Central Bankers will continue to enhance GIC’s position as a leader in international dialogue and to further strengthen GIC’s connection to the central banking community. Examples of benefits for Fellows of the GIC College of Central Bankers are:

  • The opportunity to conduct/publish research/comment on GIC platforms such as GIC’s website and social media
  • Invitation to speak at GIC’s domestic and international programs with defrayed travel expenses as appropriate
  • Opportunity to participate in College of Central Bankers‐specific programs, which will feature Fellows’ expertise and research
  • Opportunity for Fellows to be prominently promoted by GIC as affiliated with the College of Central Bankers including exposure to members of the media, and referral in response to media’s requests for experts
  • The College of Central Bankers would publish (or collaborate in the publishing) the work of its Fellows, invited authors, and other thought leaders through the GIC and College web site(s)


GIC College of Central Bankers Events

The GIC College of Central Bankers has held events including member induction ceremonies, as well as our 2019 event in Paris with Christian Noyer, Former Governor of the Banque de France and 2018 Member of the College of Central Bankers. View a list of GIC College of Central Bankers events, including presentation resources, below:

Fed Independence and the Divided
U.S. Congress
March 24, 2022Virtual EventVideo replay
Fifth Annual Sovereign Debt
Restructuring Conference
February 25, 2022Virtual EventVideo replay
CCB Institutional Alignment Project
Event Series: Climate Change
January 27, 2022Virtual EventVideo replay
CCB Institutional Alignment Project
Event Series: Debt Levels and Interest Rates
December 7, 2021Virtual EventVideo replay
College of Central Bankers
Inaugural Survey Review
October 21, 2021 Virtual Event Video replay
Will Inflation Force the Slowing
or Reversal of Central Banks’
“Easy” Monetary Policy and
Increase Risks of Economic Downturns?
July 21, 2021Virtual EventVideo replay
What Comes after COVID? An
Economic Outlook through the
Lens of Latin America
May 17, 2021 Virtual Event Video replay
College of Central Bankers
Presentation: Monetary Policy
March 23, 2021Virtual EventVideo replay
38th Annual Monetary and
Trade Conference
November 19, 2020Virtual EventVideo replay
Assessing the
Monetary Policy Response 
May 28, 2020 Virtual EventVideo replay
GIC Global Citizen Award
Ceremony & Economic
December 13, 2019Philadelphia, PAProgram handout

Video replay
Central Banking Series: MadridOctober 3, 2019Madrid, SpainVideo replay
College of Central
Bankers Event in Paris 
April 29 – 30, 2019Paris, FranceProgram handout
2018 Global Citizen
Award and Global
Economic and Policy Outlook 
December 14, 2018Philadelphia, PAProgram handout

Video replay

GIC College of Central Bankers resources and blog series

The GIC College of Central Banking blog series allows Fellows of the GIC community to publish thoughts and findings on issues relating specifically to the Central Banking industry. We encourage you to explore the below posts and share your thoughts in the comments.

GIC announces Former heads of the
Bank of Israel and the Czech National
Bank as College of Central Bankers Fellows

and a new Advisory Board Member
April 1, 2022Global Interdependence Center Press Release
March 14, 2022Danny Blanchflower, Ph.D.Publication
Federal Reserve Independence:
Is it Time for a New Treasury-Fed Accord?
March 10, 2022Charles Plosser, Ph.D.Publication
Economic Impacts of Sanctions in the case of RussiaMarch 4, 2022Katarzyna Zajdel-Kurowska, J. Paul Horne,
and William Poole
What’s Ahead for the U.S. Economy in 2022January 11, 2022Jeremy Siegel, Ph.D.Podcast
China: What Are the Global Implications of the Changes
in China’s Economy over the last Five Years?
January 4, 2022Michael Drury, Kathleen Stephenson,
J. Paul Horne,
David Kotok, and others.
GIC’s College of Central Bankers inducts
a new Fellow, Dr. Zeti Aziz, Former
Governor of the Bank Negara Malaysia
December 30, 2021Global Interdependence Center Press Release
2021 Reminded Us about These Four
Traits of the Modern World
December 23, 2021Roger FergusonBlog
Charles Plosser discusses Powell’s
re-nomination on CNBC

November 23, 2021 Charles Plosser, Ph.D. Video
Who is Paying for “War on Covid 19”?November 22, 2021 Jeremy Siegel, Ph.D. Blog
College of Central Bankers Fellow
Spotlight: Charles Plosser on Central

Banks and Supply Chains
November 16, 2021Charles Plosser, Ph.D.Blog
Guest Commentary by Professors
D. Blanchflower & A. Bryson
October 24, 2021Danny Blanchflower, Ph.D.
& Alex Bryson
NPR/WHYY – Radio Times with
Marty Moss-Coane: Biden’s economic
plan and the state of the economy
September 22, 2021Mark Zandi, Peter Gold, &
Danny Blanchflower, Ph.D.
College of Central Bankers Fellow
Spotlight: Bill Poole
August 31, 2021William Poole, Ph.D. Blog
We Each Owe our First Allegiance to
our Fellow Humans
August 20, 2021DeLisle Worrell, Ph.D.Letter
The Economics of Walking About
and Predicting Unemployment
August, 2021Danny Blanchflower, Ph.D.
& Alex Bryson
Global Interdependence Center
leadership elevates policy discussion
August 2, 2021David R. KotokArticle
Fiscal and monetary policy interactions
in a low interest rate world
July 22, 2021Athanasios OrphanidesPublication
FOMC Press ConferenceJune 23, 2021Charles Plosser, Ph.D. Blog
The Fed’s Risky ExperimentJune 19, 2021Charles Plosser, Ph.D. Publication
A Note on the Dynamic Instability
of the Affordable Mortgage System
June 9, 2021William Poole, Ph.D.Publication
Central Banking and Credit
Provision in Emerging Market
Economies During the
COVID-19 Crisis
April, 2021José De Gregorio &
Luis Felipe Céspedes
College of Central Bankers
Presentation: Monetary Policy
March 23, 2021Dennis Lockhart & Anna PaulsonVideo Replay
Economist David Blanchflower Appointed
at University of Glasgow
December 8, 2020Global Interdependence CenterLetter
What’s Ahead for
the Stock Market?
December 1, 2020Jeremy Siegel, Ph.D.Blog
GIC’s College of Central Bankers
announces two new Fellows and
two new Advisory Board Members
October 21, 2020Global Interdependence CenterPress Release
Trends in Extreme Distress in the
United States, 1993–2019
August 20, 2020Danny Blanchflower, Ph.D.Publication
College of Central Bankers summons
Dean J. De Gregorio as a new member
August 10, 2020Universidad de ChilePress Release
GIC announces five new College
of Central Bankers Inductees
for 2020
July 20, 2020Global Interdependence CenterPress Release
Assessing the Monetary
Policy Response 
May 28, 2020 Dennis Lockhart &
David Altig, PhD.
Video Replay
The well-being of the overemployed
and the underemployed
and the rise in

depression in the UK
April 16, 2020Danny Blanchflower, PhDPublication
A cost-effective way to help
emerging markets fight
April 3, 2020Alfonso Prat-GayBlog
A Professor’s Tribute to a Prize StudentMarch 6, 2020William Poole, Ph.D.Publication
Remarks from 2019 College
of Central Bankers
Induction Ceremony
December 13, 2019Dennis LockhartPresentation
GIC to announce new members
of the College of Central Bankers
at the Federal Reserve Bank
of Philadelphia.
December 11, 2019Global Interdependence CenterPress Release
Court’s implicit rejection of
basic EU tenet would
give cause for concern
August 4, 2019J. Paul HorneBlog
Investors need to be
aware of the other
bond bubble
June 20, 2019J. Paul HorneBlog
GIC announces the College of
Central Bankers, a new initiative to
sustain relationships with the
central banking community
and former leaders of central banks
December 14, 2018Global Interdependence CenterPress Release
Where is the Investment Boom?December 2, 2011William Poole, Ph.D.Publication
Understanding the FedFebruary 2007William Poole, Ph.D.Publication
How Predictable Is Fed PolicyOctober 4, 2005William Poole, Ph.D.Publication
Synching, Not Sinking, the MarketsAugust 6, 1999William Poole, Ph.D.Publication

The College and its membership operates within the GIC umbrella and with GIC’s administrative support.