Global Society of Fellows Second Annual Meeting

VIDEO April 10, 2013

Speaker / Author

Jeffrey Lacker, Ph.D.

Former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Jeffrey M. Lacker served over 12 years as President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, from August 2004 to April 2017. Currently, he is a member of the Shadow Open Market Committee and a Fellow of the Global Interdependence Center College of Central Bankers. From August 2018 to May 2022, Lacker was a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business. Prior to being named President of the Richmond Fed, he served as Senior Vice President and Director of Research. He was an assistant professor of economics at the Krannert ... Read More

Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Ph.D.

Chief Economist, Ford Motor Company

Ellen Hughes-Cromwick is the chief economist for Ford Motor Company. Her role is to oversee the corporate economics and strategic issues group at Ford Motor Company with responsibility for the company's global automotive industry analysis and forecasts used to support planning. The group's responsibilities also include economic policy analysis, exchange rate forecasts, and other factors important to the automotive financial sectors. Prior to joining Ford, Ellen's career included positions in banking and academia. She also served for two years as a staff economist on the President's Council of Economic Advisers. Ellen received a master's degree in international development and Ph.D. in ... Read More

Richard W. Vague

Richard Vague is a managing partner of Gabriel Investments, an early stage investment fund.  He is also Chairman of The Governor’s Woods Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic organization, and managing director of The Miletos Group.  Previously, he was co-founder, chairman and CEO of Energy Plus, an electricity and natural gas supply company operating in states throughout the U.S. that was sold to NRG Energy in 2011. Vague was also co-founder and CEO of two credit card companies - First USA, which grew to be the largest Visa issuer in the industry and was sold to Bank One in 1997, and Juniper ... Read More

Steve C. Clemons

Steve Clemons is Washington editor-at-large for The Atlantic and editor-in-chief  of AtlanticLIVE and QuartzLIVE. He is also editor-at-large for Quartz. At AtlanticLIVE, The Atlantic’s premium events division, Clemons develops concepts and editorial content and leads programs as an interviewer, moderator, and host. Clemons joined The Atlantic in June 2011 from the New America Foundation, a think tank devoted to pragmatic, non-ideological policy innovation, and intellectual entrepreneurship. He helped launch the Foundation  twelve  years ago, served as its executive vice president for eight years, founded its American Strategy Program, and continues to serve there as a senior fellow. Clemons also served as ... Read More

Joshua Cregger

Industry Analyst at CAR

Joshua Cregger is currently an industry analyst at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), where his work focuses on economic and public policy analysis as well as developments in connected vehicle technology. Within CAR, Mr. Cregger is involved with both the Sustainability and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS) Group and the Transportation Systems Analysis (TSA) Group. Mr. Cregger has co-authored several studies examining expected electric vehicle deployment across the United States, redevelopment of automotive brownfield sites, research and deployment of connected vehicle technology throughout the world, use of bio-based automotive components, and several studies assessing the economic contribution of various automakers. Mr. Cregger received ... Read More

Dean Croushore

Dr. Dean Croushore is professor of economics and Rigsby fellow at the University of Richmond. Dr. Croushore came to the University of Richmond in 2003 after 14 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, where he was vice president and economist. The focus of his research in recent years has been on forecasting and on how data revisions affect monetary policy, forecasting, and macroeconomic research. Dr. Croushore’s publications include articles in many leading economics journals. He is author of M&B, published by Cengage, and co-author with Andrew B. Abel and Ben S. Bernanke of Macroeconomics, 7th edition, published by ... Read More

Robert Dolan, Ph.D.

Robert Dolan is a professor of economics at the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond. During his tenure at the University of Richmond, he has been named the David Meade White Distinguished Teach Fellow and Faculty Member of the Year by the Richmond College Student Government Association. He is the co-author of multiple articles and books, and he regularly speaks at events around the country. ... Read More

Robert Hockett

Professor of Law at the Cornell University Law School

Robert Hockett joined the Cornell Law faculty in 2004. His principal teaching, research, and writing interests lie in the fields of organizational, financial, and monetary law and economics in both their positive and normative, as well as their national and transnational, dimensions. His guiding concern in these fields is with the legal and institutional prerequisites to a just, prosperous and sustainable economic order. A fellow of the Century Foundation and regular commissioned author for the New America Foundation, Hockett also does regular consulting work for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the International Monetary Fund, Americans for Financial Reform, the ... Read More

Paul McCulley

Senior Fellow, Financial Macroeconomics, Cornell Law School's Jack G. Clarke Program on the Law and Regulation of Financial Institutions and Markets

Paul McCulley is Senior Fellow in Financial Macroeconomics for Cornell Law School’s Jack G. Clarke Program on the Law and Regulation of Financial Institutions and Markets. Prior, he was the Chief Economist and Managing Director at PIMCO where he served as a member of the Investment Committee in Newport Beach, and authoring the publication, Macro Perspectives. Paul previously retired from PIMCO at the end of 2010, after a decade as Managing Director and Portfolio Manager. He also headed the firm's Liquidity and Funding Desk, as well as led PIMCO’s Cyclical Economic Forums and authored the monthly research publication, Global Central ... Read More

Santiago Pinto

Economist in the Regional Economics Group of the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Santiago Pinto is an economist in the regional economics group of the research department. He joined the Richmond Fed in 2012 after serving as an associate professor of economics at West Virginia University, where he had worked since 2002. He previously taught at Syracuse University and several institutions in Argentina. His research interests are in the area of applied microeconomics, specifically in the fields of urban and regional economics, public economics, and state and local public finance. His research work has focused on issues related to household mobility, local labor markets, regional assistance to poor households when their income is ... Read More