Sovereign Debt Distress, Restructurings and Market Access: The Cases of Ireland, Portugal, and Cyprus: Session 1

VIDEO March 5, 2019

Speaker / Author

Aitor Erce

Principal Economist, European Stability Mechanism

Aitor Erce is a Principal Economist at the European Stability Mechanism. He is also a research affiliate with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and former research economist at the General Directorate of International Affairs of the Bank of Spain. Through the positions held, both at the Bank of Spain, since 2006, and the European Stability Mechanism, since 2013, Aitor has been involved in the evaluation and design of international financial policies, including related to debt sustainability analysis, the design of official lending programs and the development of tools for the early detection of risks to sovereigns’ market access. In ... Read More

Thordur Jonasson

Deputy Division Chief, International Monetary Fund

Mr. Thordur Jonasson is a Deputy Division Chief  in the Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the IMF. Prior to joining the IMF, he was a Sr. Securities Markets Specialist in the Global Capital Markets Practice of the World Bank working on developing public and private debt markets and participating in the Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP). He has also been an expert on public debt management and debt market development for the IMF, (Monetary and Capital Markets Department and the Fiscal Affairs Department), World Bank and the Commonwealth Secretariat participating in Technical Assistance and FSAP missions that has overall ... Read More

Marcos Souto

Financial Sector Expert, International Monetary Fund

With over 25 years of professional experience, Mr. Souto started his career as a Mechanical Engineer and later as a tenured professor at a Brazilian University, following the conclusion of his graduate studies on computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer. In 2000, Mr. Souto moved to the US to pursue a Ph.D. in Finance at the George Washington University, with a supporting field on Quantitative Methods applied to Finance, where he devoted most of his time developing research on the assessment of integrated market and credit risk for banks. Since 2004, Mr. Souto has been working at the International Monetary ... Read More

Konstantinos Polykarpou

Consul/Political Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus to the United States

Konstantinos Polykarpou is the Consul/Political Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus to the United States. Mr. Polykarpou entered the diplomatic service in 2008 and has served at the Permanent Representation of Cyprus to the European Union and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Nicosia, Cyprus. He has studied international and European affairs and has an M.A. in European Politics from the University of Essex, UK. ... Read More