Central Banking Series: Japan Session 3 : Navigation in Global Economy

VIDEO November 13, 2017
  • Chikahisa Sumi, Director, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, IMF (Global/Asia)
  • Bill Strauss (US), Senior Economist & Economic Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Michael Drury (China), Chief Economist, McVean Trading & Investments and Chair
  • Kozo Koide (Japan), Chief Economist, Asset Management One
  • Moderator: Yoichi Takita, Senior Staff Writer, Nikkei Newspaper

Speaker / Author

Chikahisa Sumi

Director, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, IMF

Chikahisa Sumi was appointed as Director of Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP), International Monetary Fund, on September 28, 2016. He has worked on Asia and the Pacific counties for seven years in the IMF, including leading missions to the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand and Fiji. He also headed the Financial Sector Surveillance Group of the Asia and Pacific Department (APD), and led the Future of Asia’s Finance project including the publication of “The Future of Asian Finance” book in 2015. Before returning to IMF, Mr. Sumi held key positions in the Japanese Government, including Deputy Vice Minister ... Read More

Bill Strauss

Senior Economist and Economic Adviser, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

William A. Strauss is a senior economist and economic adviser in the economic research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, which he joined in 1982. His chief responsibilities include analyzing the current performance of both the Midwest economy and the manufacturing sector for use in monetary policy. He produces the monthly "Chicago Fed Midwest Manufacturing Index" and organizes the Bank's Economic Outlook Symposium and Automotive Outlook Symposium. In addition, he conducts several economic workshops and industrial roundtables throughout the year. Strauss has taught as an adjunct faculty member at Loyola University Chicago and Webster University in Chicago. He currently ... Read More

Michael Drury

Chief Economist, McVean Trading & Investments

Michael Drury is the chief economist for McVean Trading & Investments, LLC. He joined the firm in 1992, after serving for five years as senior economist with Allen Sinai at Shearson Lehman Brothers and its successor firms. Michael began his career in New York in 1982 as senior economist at A. Gary Shilling and Company. He received his B.S. in economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and did his graduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Michael assesses macroeconomic developments around the world to help develop hedging strategies using futures markets in interest rates, currencies and industrial materials. He travels ... Read More

Kozo Koide

Asset Management One Co.  Ltd

Kozo Koide is the Chief Economist at Asset Management One Co.  Ltd.,  which  is  the largest Japanese asset management company with about 52 trillion yen (approximately 505 billion US$) assets under its management in October 2016. Asset Management One was established by four-party consolidation in Mizuho Financial Group in October 2016. He joined DIAM Co., Ltd. (formerly DL-IBJ Asset Management) in October 2000. Mr. Koide provides the economic view for investment strategies, formulates investment ideas and universe for investment trusts for DIAM.  He serves as  the exclusive member from an  asset management business of the Regular Interview Meeting by the ... Read More

Yoichi Takita

Senior Staff Writer of Nikkei

Mr. Yoichi Takita is currently a senior staff writer at Nikkei. Before starting his career as a business journalist, Mr. Takita received his master's degree in law from Keio University. In the same year, he joined Nihon Keizai Shimbum, Inc. Four years later, in 1985 he became a staff writer covering financial markets, and from 1987 until 1990 he was the Zurich Bureau Chief. Also in 1990, Yoichi Takita was once again a staff writer covering financial markets, and in 1995 he became the deputy chief editorial writer for Nikkei and from 2008-2009 he was the senior staff writer for ... Read More