Camp Kotok 2022 – Samuel Rines & Jillian Fornito Discuss Energy, Oil, Labor, & Constraints

VIDEO August 19, 2022

Speaker / Author

Jill Fornito

Executive Director, Global Interdependence Center

Jill Fornito joined the Global Interdependence Center in 2008 as the assistant director with a broad scope of responsibilities including organizational and program management. In 2011, Jill assumed the role of director of operations, focusing mainly on the planning and execution of GIC’s domestic and international conferences. Jill was named the executive director in 2017 as she continues to oversee the daily operations of the GIC office, including development, financial administration, program coordination and communications. She is also the author of GIC’s Travel Blog. Before joining the GIC staff, Jill worked as the director of treasury for Greater Philadelphia Cares, a ... Read More

Samuel E. Rines

Chief Economist, Avalon Advisors

Samuel E. Rines is Chief Economist at Avalon Advisors. Prior to joining Avalon, Samuel was an Economist and Analyst at Chilton Capital Management. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street JournalThe National Interest, on CNBC and has been covered by Bloomberg and Reuters along with other media outlets. He was a Student Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research where he received the Roy Anderson Faulke Award. While working on his degree, Samuel spent two trimesters at Oxford University studying Development Economics. During his time at Oxford, he joined the Regent’s Park College Crew Team. Samuel is a ... Read More