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Thirteenth Annual Rocky Mountain Economic Summit: Virtual Keynote with Charles Evans, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Presented by Charles Evans and Michael McKee
July 15, 2021

Part 1: Next on Wall Street

Presented by Howard Getson
July 16, 2021

GIC’s Rocky Mountain Economic Summit: Mitzi Perdue Presentation

Presented by Mitzi Perdue
July 16, 2021

GIC’s Rocky Mountain Economic Summit: Dick Mayo Presentation

Presented by Richard (Dick) Mayo
July 15, 2021

GIC’s Rocky Mountain Economic Summit: David Kotok Presentation

Presented by David Kotok
July 15, 2021

Economic Outlook: RMES Perspective from the Markets and Prices

Presented by John Silvia, Ph.D.
July 15, 2021

Inflation, Europe, EM

Presented by Megan E. Greene
July 15, 2021

Ceres Farms Summary

June 22, 2021

Consumer’s and professional’s perspectives towards a new food labeling in Israel

Presented by Vered Kaufman-Shriqui, Ph.D.
June 22, 2021

Global Food Supply & Demand Dynamics

Presented by Vered Kaufman-Shriqui, Ph.D., Brandon Zick and William Kennedy
June 22, 2021

Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe

Presented by Niall Ferguson, MA, D.Phil. and Michael McKee
June 2, 2021

What Comes after COVID? An Economic Outlook through the Lens of Latin America

Presented by José De Gregorio, Ph.D., Alfonso Prat-Gay, Peter A. Gold, Esq., Benjamin Leavenworth and Lauren Swartz
May 17, 2021

39th Annual Monetary & Trade Conference: US Stimulus, Interest Rates and the Dollar

Presented by Christopher J. Waller, Ph.D., Apostolos Apostolou, Ph.D., Julia Coronado, Ph.D., Gail D. Fosler, Catherine L. Mann, Ph.D., Michael G. Papaioannou, Ph.D., Kathleen Stephansen and George Tsetsekos, Ph.D.
May 13, 2021

Economic Context for Dollar Development

Presented by Gail D. Fosler
May 13, 2021

Why Criminal Justice Reform is Good for Business (and business is good for reform)

Presented by Jeffrey Korzenik and William Kennedy
May 6, 2021

Frederick Heldring Award for Global Leadership

Presented by Charles Goodhart, CBE, FBA, Manoj Pradhan, Ph.D., William Kennedy and Kathleen Stephansen
April 29, 2021