Presidents of the Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia Feds and Economic Leaders Discuss Critical Issues at Annual Economic Summit

July 15, 2014


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Presidents of the Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia Feds and Economic Leaders
Discuss Critical Issues at Annual Economic Summit

July 14, 2014, Jackson, WyomingPolicymakers, global economists and business leaders discussed successes and failures in the fields of the entrepreneurship, municipal bonds, monetary policy and the global economy at the sixth annual Rocky Mountain Economic Summit on July 11, 2014. Hosted by the Global Interdependence Center (GIC), the Bronze Buffalo Foundation and Utah State University, the event included analyses from two Federal Reserve Bank presidents – Charles Evans of Chicago and Dennis Lockhart of Atlanta – and saw a third Federal Reserve Bank president – Charles Plosser of Philadelphia – serve as a moderator. In addition, the following speakers and moderators took part in the event:

  • Dennis Archer, former mayor, City of Detroit, and chairman and CEO of Dennis W. Archer PLLC;
  • Natalie Cohen, managing director and head of municipal research, Wells Fargo;
  • Troy Downing, CEO, AC Self Storage;
  • Michael Drury, chief economist at McVean Trading and Investments;
  • Mary Francoeur, managing director at Assured Guaranty;
  • Robert Grady, partner and managing director, Cheyenne Capital Fund;
  • Kozo Koide, chief economist, DIAM;
  • David Kotok, CIO of Cumberland Advisors;
  • Michael McKee, economics editor, Bloomberg;
  • Henry Mo, director and head of the macro research and modeling team, AIG;
  • John Mousseau, executive vice president and director of fixed income, Cumberland Advisors;
  • Brady Murray, president, Mass Mutual Financial Group – Intermountain West;
  • Tyler Norton, founder and CEO, Hero Partners;
  • Don Rissmiller, founding partner, Strategas Research Partners;
  • Rob Ryan, founder of Ascend Communications, founder and chairman of Hero Partners; and
  • John Silvia, Ph.D., chief economist of Wells Fargo.

Evans, Lockhart and Plosser, along with the speakers and moderators listed above, spoke to a crowd of more than 200 entrepreneurs, bankers, money managers and others at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. Presentations (which are now available at and remarks were timely and informative, and drew the attention of many media outlets, including Bloomberg, Reuters, Market News International, The New York Times, Business Insider, the Wall Street Journal and others.

The 2014 event was the latest in the evolution of the Rocky Mountain Economic Summit. Founded in 2009 by Bronze Buffalo Club co-founders Justin and Cody Hyde, the event’s leadership has expanded to include Brian Hymel, founder of For Sale By Investor (FSBI) and the Sage Partners at UBS, and David Kotok, CIO of Cumberland Advisors and vice chairman of the central banking series at the Global Interdependence Center.

“This conference has successfully established itself as one of the top economic summit events in the world,” said Justin Hyde, co-founder of the Bronze Buffalo Foundation. “It’s a unique opportunity for the world’s leading economists and businessmen to speak directly to the public about the most pressing issues facing them today.”

The seventh annual Rocky Mountain Economic Summit is expected to draw hundreds back to Jackson, Wyoming, on July 10, 2015. For additional information, please visit

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