A Virtual Meeting of the Minds

November 29, 2013

GIC has come a long way since its founding in 1976. What was once a platform for a small number of academics to discuss the day’s most pertinent issues has evolved into a discussion forum for more than a thousand participants each year, with intense, timely conversations taking place in cities around the world. GIC has truly gone global, with events in Abu Dhabi, Bermuda, Jackson Hole, Milan, Philadelphia, Portland, Richmond and Sarasota this year alone.

With this expanding global footprint in mind, GIC has sought ways to make it easier for all of our members to connect and learn from each other – even if they are not in the same room, city or country. The new GIC blog does just that.

Offering a virtual forum for thoughtful discussion, this blog will allow the more than 400 GIC members to share their expertise and analysis. My hope is that this blog – coupled with our redesigned website, which features presentations and videos from GIC events – will serve as a tremendous resource for members and friends of GIC.

It is my sincere pleasure to invite all current GIC members to contribute to this blog. Blog posts – of 500 words or less and dealing with an issue that affects global interdependence – should be sent to Amanda Lichtenstein, manager of marketing and membership, at [email protected].

I firmly believe that by accessing the vast knowledge of our members, GIC will become a more valuable organization to all of its members and friends.

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