The Bottom Line of Disabilities: Session 4

VIDEO March 24, 2018

Session IV: Business Leaders Share Their Social Enterprise Models

  • Kevin Williams, Columbus Board Member and Principal, RGK Innovations, When an Entrepreneur Partners with a Social Enterprise: Lessons Learned
  • Bill Morris, CEO and Founder, Blue Star Recyclers, When Mixing Missions Works: Electronic Recycling and Hiring Individuals with Disabilities
  • Cherissa Alldredge, Co-Chair, Utah Business Leaders Network: Best Practices for Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities in the Competitive Workplace
  • Tara Cunningham, CEO, Specialisterne, How the Dandelion Model Helps Tech Companies Leverage the Talents of Individuals with Autism
  • Heidi Nelson, Founder and Owner, Howdy’s Homemade Ice Cream: It’s All in the Family: When Ice Cream Leads to Self-Esteem
  • Moderator: Ryan Nelson, Executive Director, Employers Council and Columbus Board Member

Speaker / Author

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams is a global marketing and operations executive with a deep understanding of new venture management, social entrepreneurship and global development strategy. He is a high-energy, hands-on, data driven strategist committed to lean management, team success and customer satisfaction. RGK’s first endeavor is the “Brush Hero,” which launched in 2015 and has grown 750% year after year. The water-powered cleaning tool is designed for car detailing and multipurpose home and garden applications and is sold through a global D2C sales network. The product had its first retail appearance in Costco. Through a chance encounter and some research, Kevin began a ... Read More

Bill Morris

Co-Founder, Blue Star Recyclers

Bill Morris co-founded Blue Star Recyclers in 2009 after discovering people with autism and other disabilities possess innate talent for tasks involved in the recycling and refurbishing of electronics. He is a tireless advocate for the workforce of people with disabilities, enjoys traveling, and has a personal goal of playing a round of golf without cursing or throwing his driver. Bill was named 2011 Colorado Recycler of the Year, Colorado Springs Small Business Person of the Year, ARC Employer of the Year, and was a finalist for the 2012 Colorado CEO of the Year and White House Champion of Change program. ... Read More

Cherissa Alldredge

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Officer, Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

Cherissa is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Officer for the Utah Transit Authority (UTA).  In this role, Cherissa works with UTA’s internal and external stakeholders to ensure compliance with both the letter and intent of the ADA.  Cherissa supports UTA’s Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT), a citizen advisory group consisting of individuals from the disability community who are interested in improving the accessibility and compliance of UTA’s services.  Cherissa is also a co-chair of the Utah Business Leadership Network (UTBLN) Steering Committee.  Prior to her employment with UTA, Cherissa worked as a human resources professional for both public ... Read More

Tara Cunningham

Co-CEO, Specialisterne

Tara Cunnigham is Co-CEO of Specialisterne, an international, award-winning social enterprise harnessing the untapped skills of autistic individuals by matching them with businesses who gain a competitive ROI advantage through employing autistic people in meaningful jobs. Tara works with the Board of Directors, partner agencies, universities and a growing team to exponentially grow the Specialisterne Model throughout the United States. She is an Ashoka Fellow and an internationally recognized, award-winning CEO and Social Entrepreneur working for people with disabilities. Over the past 17 years, Tara has been appointed to various nonprofit and governmental boards, advised nonprofits, corporate social responsibility programs, social enterprises, ... Read More

Ryan Nelson

President, Employers Council

Ryan Nelson is Utah president of the Employers Council, now part of Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC), which meets the employment law and human resources needs of employers throughout Utah and the surrounding region. As Utah president, his focus on business development with a view towards increasing ability to assist employers in our region. He leads a team of employment law defense attorneys and human resource professionals who provide advice, representation, consultation, and resources to member companies. He is a licensed attorney and admitted to practice law in Utah, Colorado, and Florida. He is certified as a Senior Professional of Human ... Read More