Predictability of Financial Crises: Lessons from Sweden for Other Countries – China Included

PRESENTATION September 29, 2011

Speaker / Author

Hubert Fromlet, Ph.D.

Professor, Jönköping and Linneaus University

Hubert Fromlet is a professor at, Jönköping and Linneaus University. He received his MBA and Ph.D. from the University of Wurzburg. Prior to to this he was chief economist at Swedbank, Stockholm, and professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Mr. Fromlet has also served as s chief economist at Co-operative Bank, Stockholm and was responsible for macro research at the SAAB-SCANIA, Sweden. Hubert Fromlet's areas of interest and research are: International economics Macroeconomic impact from globalization on the corporate level Global financial markets Emerging economies with emphasis on countries in the Baltic Sea Region, China and India Applied growth theory Interdisciplinary economic research including political, social and ... Read More