New Policies for the Post Crisis Era: Session 2

VIDEO March 25, 2015

Speaker / Author

Patrick Foley

Chief Economist, Lloyds Banking Group

Patrick Foley is the chief economist at Lloyds Banking Group, having reverted to that role in 2008 after five years as director of group strategy and corporate development. Patrick advises senior management on economic developments and strategic economic issues and is responsible for a small team who provide economic analysis and forecasting for the Group.  He is also responsible for coordinating the work of other economists within the Group. He has 25 years experience as an economist in the financial services sector and in industry. Patrick was a CS Mactaggart scholar at the LSE and holds two degrees from there.  He has ... Read More

Debora Revoltella

Director of Economics Department at the European Investment Bank

Debora Revoltella is the director of the Economics Department of the European Investment Bank, and has held this position since April 2011. The department provides impact-driven economic analysis to support operations, the global positioning as well as the policy and strategy definition of the bank. Debora holds a degree in economics and a masters in economics from Bocconi University as well as a PhD in economics from the University of Ancona in Italy. After the experience as an adjunct professor in macroeconomics at Bocconi University, Debora joined the research department of Banca Commerciale Italiana, a leading Italian Bank. In 2001, ... Read More

Filippo di Mauro

Visiting Fellow, National University of Singapore Business School

Filippo di Mauro is Visiting Fellow at the Business School (BIZ) of the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he is teaching two macro courses in the MBA program.  Professor di Mauro is Chairperson of CompNet, a large research network on competitiveness and productivity among central banks, major international organizations and academic institutes. His present research and teaching includes: 1) Productivity and resource reallocation using firm level data; and 2) Modelling global linkages and business cycle forecast, including global value chains. Professor di Mauro has more than 30 years of applied economic experience as economist and research manager in Central ... Read More

Stephen Sexauer

Chief Investment Officer, The San Diego County Employees Retirement Association

Stephen Sexauer is SDCERA’s Chief Investment Officer and oversees SDCERA’s $14 billion Trust Fund, investment team, and investment consultants. In addition to the day-to-day operation of SDCERA’s Investment Division, he also assists SDCERA’s Board with determining the Fund’s investment policies, strategy and asset allocation. Prior to joining SDCERA in 2015, Sexauer worked at Allianz Global Investors as Chief Investment Officer, US Multi Asset, of Allianz Global Investors Solutions, managing over $7 billion in multi-asset institutional portfolios and retirement income solutions. He is also the co-author of papers on retirement portfolios published in The Financial Analysts Journal, The Institutional Investor Journal of Retirement, ... Read More