Poland and the Eurozone: Currency, Trade and Capital Markets


Speaker / Author

Maciej Stanczuk

Chairman and CEO, PBP Bank

In the years of 1990-1993, he was a board member and chief economist at the PBR Bank. He began his co-operation  with WestLB in 1993, as head of the Department for Eastern European Affairs at WestLB AG in Düsseldorf. In 1995, as the bank opened its branch in Poland, he became deputy general manager of WestLB Polska (currently Polski Bank Przedsiebiorczosci S.A.). He has been chairman of the board and general manager since January 2001. Before joining WestLB, he worked as an assistant lecturer at the Technische Universität in Bochum. Mr. Stanczuk graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and the ... Read More