Matthew T. Reining – Incentive to Pay: How Recent Bankruptcies Inform Analysis Of Distressed Local Government Credits

PRESENTATION September 29, 2015

Speaker / Author

Matthew T. Reining

Analytical Manager for U.S. Public Finance State and Local Government, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services

Matthew T. Reining is the analytical manager for U.S. Public Finance State and Local Government group’s Western region credits at Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services. Based in the San Francisco office, he leads a team of 15 analysts working on local government credit analysis. Matt has analytical expertise in assessing the credit quality of general obligation, appropriation, tax increment, special tax, school district, water-sewer and special district bonds. His analytical work focuses on California, Arizona and Colorado credits. Matt is a key member of the special district and land-backed sector and is also an internal short-term debt sector leader. Matt has ... Read More