Elliot Francis

VIDEO April 10, 2017

Successful autist Elliot Francis spoke at The Bottom Line of Disabilities program about the timeline of his evolution as an independently functioning adult. He touched on the milestones that helped him reach his current point in life and proposed a series of supports that can be established in the lives of transition-age autists to help encourage success in the community at large.

Speaker / Author

Elliot Francis

Co-Founder of Optimizing Utah, Autism Advocate, and IT Project Manager at University of Utah Health Sciences

Elliot Francis is a graduate of the Multi-Disciplinary Design program at the University of Utah and a Co-Founder of Optimizing Autism. Having worked as a successful systems analyst and IT project manager during college and after graduation, Elliot has a breadth of expertise in cross-domain systems and solutions. His major projects include the development and deployment of two mission-critical internal software systems for the University of Utah Health Science Cores covering 15 research labs. Acting as one of the representing autists on the Optimizing Autism board, Elliot provides a specialist’s perspective on how autism can be leveraged in the modern ... Read More