Debt Ratings Agencies: Their Role in the Global Debt Capital Markets – Past, Present and Future. Part II

VIDEO March 1, 2012

Part II of the February 29th Debt Ratings Conference featuring a presentation on Issuer Paid Research vs. Investor Paid Research presented by Mark Adelson, EMD-Senior Research Fellow at Standard and Poors, Bill Hassiepen, Vice President at Egan Jones Rating Services, Jim Nadler, President and COO of Kroll Bond Ratings, and Michael McNiven, SVP and Portfolio Manager of Cumberland Advisors.

Speaker / Author

James Nadler

President and COO of Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc.

James Nadler is the president and chief operating officer of Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc. Prior to joining Kroll, James was the vice president for corporate development at General Re in the New England Asset Management Division. At General Re, James helped create a new platform for trading, settlement and reporting. His expertise in research and analytics at General Re was instrumental in maintaining client relationships while generating new revenue. Over the last two decades, James has held several roles in the world of financial analysis, working for mainstays in the ratings industry as well as independent research firms. As ... Read More

Mark Adelson

Chief Credit Officer, Standard & Poor's

Mark H. Adelson is EMD senior research fellow at Standard and Poor's. He was the former chief credit officer of Standard & Poor's.  He joined S&P in May 2008. Before joining S&P, Adelson was a founding member of Adelson & Jacob Consulting, LLC. The firm specialized in the areas of securitization and real estate consulting and operated from July 2007 to May 2008. Until July 2007, Adelson was a managing director and head of structured finance research at Nomura Securities. At Nomura he authored numerous reports on a wide variety of securitization topics and worked closely with other members of the fixed ... Read More