Climate Risk is Financial Risk: Trends

PRESENTATION November 17, 2022

Speaker / Author

Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, FRM

CEO, Responsible Alpha

Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, FRM, Certified Ecologist, is CEO, Responsible Alpha, a global consultancy which enables institutions on their transition to a low-carbon, sustainable, and equitable future. He is a former investment research manager and commercial banker with over 15 years' experience as an award-winning research manager (2014, 2015, 2020, and 2021). He is a member of various Fortune 500, scientific, and financial technical committees including the S&P Sustainable Finance Scientific Council, and is former President, Board, 2 Degrees Investing Initiative U.S. He has published over 70 thematic investment reports covering many themes including sovereign debt, gender, ... Read More