Kathleen McNamara – Are Munis Rich or Cheap?

PRESENTATION October 1, 2015

Speaker / Author

Kathleen McNamara

Senior Municipal Bond Strategist, Wealth Management Research, UBS Financial Services Inc.

Kathleen is a Strategist for Wealth Management Research (WMR), and member of the Fixed Income Team, focusing on the municipal bond market. She joined WMR in 2006 as a supervisory analyst and member of the Research Review Committee. Prior to joining WMR, Kathleen headed the portfolio analytics group within Investment Solutions and was the Municipal Bond Strategist for private clients in the Municipal Securities Group. With over 20 years experience in the financial services industry, Kathleen has also worked at Lehman Brothers and Smith Barney developing municipal bond portfolio strategies for high net worth individuals, small corporations, and private clients. Kathleen ... Read More