2012 Global Citizen Awards Presented to Bill Dunkelberg and Sharon Javie

October 16, 2012

Philadelphia, PA – The Global Interdependence Center (GIC) will present its 2012 Global Citizen Awards  to William Dunkelberg and Sharon Javie at its annual Celebration of Interdependence. The event, also celebrating the country of Japan, will take place on October 19 from 4 to 10 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom of the Rittenhouse Hotel.

GIC’s Celebration of Interdependence will feature briefings from Edward G. Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania and author of A Nation of Wusses, and Paul McCulley, GIC Global Society of Fellows Chair and former senior partner of Pimco. Rendell will give an insider’s view of the 2012 election and the importance of swing states and McCulley will give his views of the global economy and the quest for growth in these risk on/risk off times.  A presentation on Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, will also be given.

Since 2004, the GIC has periodically presented its Global Citizen Award to honor individuals who have provided substantial support to the organization and its mission. Recipients have demonstrated in business and personal lives a commitment to the principals set forth in the organization’s Declaration of Interdependence and have been strong advocates in GIC’s efforts to encourage the development of world-wide communities through increased knowledge, understand and partnerships.

“Bill and Sharon have been instrumental in driving the evolution of GIC, and they are worthy recipients of the Global Citizens Award,” said Ben Craig

Global Citizen Award-winner Bill Dunkelberg is the chairman of the GIC Board of Directors, professor emeritus of economics and former Dean of Temple University Fox School of Business, chief economics of the National Federation of Independent Business, and an economic strategist at Boenning & Scattergood. As an internationally-recognized academic economist he fostered the continuation of GIC’s reputation for serious dialogue and analysis of emerging issues in the global economy. His leadership skills have been important elements in building GIC’s expanded relationships with other organizations, corporations and individuals around the globe and creating in Philadelphia a premier center of excellence for the promotion of interdependence.

Sharon Javie, the other Global Citizen Award recipient, is a board member of GIC and on its executive committee. She has a notable academic career including service as a former chairperson and faculty member of La Salle University’s Marketing Department. Javie has given up extraordinary personal time to step in to serve as the interim director of GIC after incumbent directors’ departures. She led several search exercises for new managing directors and assisted in subsequent key employee hires, mentoring these new employees as they became integrated into the organization.

The Global Interdependence Center (GIC) is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote free trade and economic and political dialogue between countries to more effectively address our common problems and objectives. GIC convenes conferences and roundtable discussions both domestically and internationally to identify and address emerging global issues. For more information visit the GIC website at www.interdependence.org.