2010 International Conference Series Kickoff at Fudan University

January 4, 2010

For Immediate Release                                                                                 January 4, 2009 

SHANGHAI– On January 11, 2010, the Global Interdependence Center (GIC) will kick off its 2010 International Conference Series, “Financial Interdependence in the World’s Post-Crisis Capital Markets” with a full day conference taking place at Fudan University entitled, “One Country, Two Systems: Impacts after the Financial Crisis, a dialogue in China’s Emerging and Mature Financial Centers and Markets”

Members of the Press are invited to the all-day conference, in partnership with Fudan University.  Please contact Jillian Fornito [email protected] if you would like to cover the event. Speaker highlights include:

  • Jim Bullard, President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 
  • Shinobu Nakagawa, Associate Director-General of the International Department, Bank of Japan  “Long-term interest rate in Japan: Past and recent developments and its outlook”
  • Francis Chipimo, Acting Director, Economics Department, Bank of Zambia “Open Economies:  FDI Flows and Economic Growth”
  • John Silvia, Chief Economist, Wachovia/Wells Fargo  US Labor Market and China Employment: Interdependencies at Work  “
  • Kathleen Stephansen, Managing Director, Chief Economist, Aladdin Capital Holdings LLC  “Outlook for the Euro”
  • Dave Hale, Founder, Hale Advisors, LLC  “Outlook for the US Dollar”
  • Kozo Koide, Chief Economist, Economic Research Group, DIAM Co. Ltd.  “Outlook for the Yen”
  • Bin Hu, CEO, BNY Mellon Western Fund
  • Michael Drury, Chief Economist, McVean Trading & Investments “The Outlook for Commodities in 2010”
  • Dr. Yujun Zhang, CEO of Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Gene Huang, Vice President & Chief Economist, FedEx

When: Monday, January 11, 2010
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Where: Multi function room, 2F, Yifu Sci & Tech Building
Hadan Campus at Fudan University
220 , Handan Road

Conference Summary:

Through a series of globally arranged conferences on several continents, GIC plans to convene worldwide meetings to discuss the new post-crisis interdependencies among and between financial market agents. We will examine newly expanded roles for governments, central banks, NGOs and private financial and non-financial businesses. Each country or region visited will include a public seminar where prominent presenters and discussants will address specific issues of financial interdependence. World capital flows, central bank independence, reserve currency status, fiscal policy changes, and credit market structures are among the topics that will be examined.

Because the world is not yet out of financial and economic danger, the commercial real estate crisis worsens, certain classes of securities remain un-priced and un-cleared, these discussions gain even more relevancy. The number of conferences and their venues could increase as the turmoil continues which is why we are setting aside two years for our planning purposes. Programs are confirmed in Hanoi, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Philadelphia, Santiago, Prague and Paris. Other locations under discussion are San Francisco, London, Bermuda, Oman, Korea, and Lisbon. Others throughout the world may be added as GIC partnerships and sponsors are engaged.

Each conference will be held in conjunction with a local partner, who will invite their regional constituencies to join the GIC delegation as attendees.

The conferences are as follows:

Shanghai & Hong Kong, China  – January 10-15, 2010. The first of this four-part global conference series will center around the theme, “One Country, Two Systems: Impacts after the Financial Crisis, a dialogue in China’s Emerging and Mature Financial Centers and Markets.” The conference series will include a full day program coordinated in partnership with Fudan University in Shanghai followed by a second conference in Hong Kong. Jim Bullard, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, is among the many speakers who will be joining the GIC Delegation.

Philadelphia, USA  – March 3, 2010: This half day conference, to be held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, will continue to explore the rebuilding of capital markets in the post-financial crisis environment. The program will also involve a follow up on the perspective and knowledge gained from our exchange in China. Confirmed speakers include Larry Kantor, Head of Global Research, Barclays Capital, Mark Zandi, Chief Economist,  Moody’s Economy.com, Vince Farrell, Chief Investment Officer, Soleil Securities, John D. Rogers, President & Chief Executive Officer, CFA Institute, and John Staley of Staley Capital  Advisers, Inc and a keynote speech by Eric Rosengren, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Santiago, Chile – March 25-30, 2010. We will welcome Jeff Lacker, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond as a speaker a delegate as we return to Chile this spring. GIC has an exciting agenda planned including a coastal wine tour in between the concluding conference of our food and water series (partner and venue TBA) and the meeting on capital market interdependencies at the Central Bank of Chile featuring Jose De Gregorio, Governor of the Central Bank of Chile.

Prague, Czech Republic & Paris, France – June 14-18, 2010: Join GIC as we continue our 2010 Global Conference Series in Europe! Governor Zdenek Tuma of Czech National Bank will host the GIC Delegates for the first of the two of the European meetings on June 15th. Delegates will travel to France on June 16th for our return to the Banque de France for the second meeting, which will feature Governor Christian Noyer as a speaker on June 17th. GIC’s Trademark Roundtable Discussions as well optional touring packages will be scheduled in both cities.

The Global Interdependence Center

GIC, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization founded in 1975, encourages the expansion of global dialogue and free trade to improve cooperation and understanding with the goal of reducing international conflicts and improving worldwide living standards.

GIC provides a forum for the exchange of divergent perspectives; engages experts to identify emerging economic, social, and political issues vital to the interdependent global community; organizes country and region-specific meetings, conferences and briefings for educational and networking opportunities; promotes global partnerships among governments, business, academic, and nonprofit organizations; and shares information and research with the public and with policymakers worldwide.

Our international delegations draw top leaders in policymaking, business, and academics.  The goal of these trips is to foster constructive dialogue, allow for an open and honest exchange of ideas in a non-partisan environment, and dissemination of best practices in business and policy from nations and organizations around the world.  Toward that end we hold some meetings under Chatham House rule, and invite the press for post-conversation conferences and speeches.  Materials presented are posted on our website to allow for the widest possible audience for our speakers.

TO REGSITER: Contact Jillian Fornito at the Global Interdependence Center, 215-898-9453 or email [email protected].