Behind the Markets Podcast: Dr. Diego Rodriguez Palenzuela, Kevin Flanagan, & Jillian Fornito

March 29, 2019

Host Jeremy Schwartz talks to an economist from the European Central Bank. What impact are the Brexit negotiations having on the global economy, and why is the ECB’s President worried about negative interest rates? We also talk about whether the Fed’s hints that it’s done raising interest rates will affect the markets and Italy’s impact on the ECB. Tune in! Guests include Dr. Diego Rodriguez Palenzuela – Head of the Business Analysis Division, DG-Economics, at the European Central Bank. He’s been with the ECB since 1999 and has a PhD in economics from MIT and Jillian Fornito – Executive Director of the Global Interdependence Center, a nonprofit organization established in 1976 and headquartered inside the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. GIC’s mission is to facilitate an international dialogue on economics.