Emerging Energy Markets

Date: Thursday, August 21, 2008
Conference Center of the Swissôtel, Tallinn, Estonia

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Emerging Energy Markets

This conference was organized by Eesti Pank, ministry of Economic Affairs and communications and Global Interdependence Center (GIC).

9 – 9:15 | Opening remarks, Andres Sutt, Deputy Governor, Eesti Pank
9:15 – 9:45 | Keynotes: Juhan Parts, Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications:
“Energy policy challenges in the Nordic-Baltic region”
9:45 – 10:15 | Keynotes: Jean-Claude Schwartz, Policy Officer, DG TREN C1, European Commission: “The 2020 Sustainable Energy Agenda”

10:30 – 12 | SESSION 1: Nordic and Baltic energy balance and energy market networks
The first panel will provide an overview of Nordic energy market and market infrastructures
Chair: Einari Kisel, Deputy Secretary General of Energy, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Yngve Söderlund, Senior Manager, Europe & Eurasia, Nordic Investment Bank:
“Demand for Investments to Secure Electricity Supply versus Investment Risks in the Baltic Sea Region”
Mario Baldassarri, Professor of Economics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”:
“Global energy prices, supply situation and the European Union”

Natalia Soczo, Energy policy expert, Mol Group:
“Russia and the European Energy Supply”
Timo Tyrväinen, Chief Economist, Aktia Sparbank Abp:
“Central Bank Policy in Response to Exogenous Energy Shocks”

13:30 – 15 | SESSION 2: Energy policies and alternative sources in the European and Nordic context – a market view
The second panel will discuss solutions to address energy risks in today’s volatile environment and key challenges in diversifying energy supplies
Chair: David R. Kotok, Member of the Board of Directors, GIC
Sandor Liive, CEO, Eesti Energia:
“Baltic energy supplies”
Martti Kätkä, Director, The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries:
“Energy Policies and Alternative Sources in the European and Nordic Context – A Market View”
Jason Schenker, Risk Management Specialist, McKinsey Group:
“Solutions to Mitigate Energy Risk”
Christopher E.Jylkka, Partner, Boston Energy Group:
“An American Perspective on Wind Development”

15:30 – 17 | SESSION 3: Monetary policy and energy costs
How do energy policy and costs affect inflation and central bank decision making?
Chair: Andres Sutt, Deputy Governor, Bank of Estonia
Kevin Cheng, Economist, IMF:
“Global inflation and commodity prices”
Martin Bijsterbosch, Principal Economist, European Central Bank:
“Policy in Response to Exogenous Energy Shocks”
Jan Kubicek, Advisor to the Board, Czech National Bank:
“Outlook for Energy Consumption in the Czech Republic in the Context of the Convergence Process”

Event Location

Date: Thursday, August 21, 2008 Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM City: Tallinn Conference Center of the Swissôtel Download iCal