Crypto and Risk Allocation

February 17, 2023
William Kennedy
William Kennedy, CFA

William Kennedy, GIC Board Chair, and CEO of RiskBridge Advisors, LLC, discussed GIC's recent program in La Jolla, Digital Money, Decentralized Finance, and the Puzzle of Crypto, originally published by RiskBridge Advisors' RiskReport.

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Why the dollar is the world’s reserve currency

February 10, 2023
Paul Horne
JPaul Horne

In response to Nouriel Roubini’s recent op-ed on why the USD was threatened by the likes of China, Russia and Saudi Arabia, GIC Board Member, Paul Horne published a letter in the financial times.

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ESG Backlash: The Great Political Pillow Fight of 2022*

February 1, 2023
Natalie Cohen
Natalie Cohen

GIC Member, Natalie Cohen, the President and founder of National Municipal Research, penned a blog post on ESG backlash.

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