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January 21, 2016
David R. Kotok

The issue is easily defined: Convergences reduce volatility. Divergences increase volatility. That defines the yin and yang of markets. Or others might call it the Sturm und Drang of markets. We call it a merger of metaphors. “Yin and yang” (Chinese philosophy, origin estimated 4th century BC) describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually […]

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Our Disabled Workers: Steps to Align our Goals

January 8, 2016
Philippa Dunne

One of the best things about being an economic journalist is I never know where I will be invited to speak. One of the nicest surprises was the Columbus Community Center, an outfit in Salt Lake City that assists would-be workers with disabilities across the spectrum in order to prepare and then place them in […]

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Families Facing the ‘Cliff’: The Challenges Faced by Young Adults with Disabilities Negotiating Transition from School to Employment

January 6, 2016
Stephanie Mackay Chief Innovation Officer

Stephanie Mackay, Director of Development, Columbus Community Center (www.columbusserves.org) There are two statistics that keep me up at night and motivate me to get to work the next morning: As of November 2015, the labor force participation rate was 68.3% for adults without disabilities compared to 19.2% of adults with disabilities. The unemployment rate of […]

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