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A Strong Dollar May Not Be as Bad as Feared

April 23, 2015
Bob Eisenbeis

GIC Member Bob Eisenbeis, of Cumberland Advisors, argues that the potential negative effects of a strong dollar are "overblown."

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Dinner in Paris: Brasserie vs. Bistro

April 21, 2015
Jill Fornito

GIC's Director of Operations Jill Fornito takes a look at the restaurants GIC frequents while in Paris.

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Australia and the J-Curve

April 16, 2015
Bill Witherell

Chief Global Economist of Cumberland Advisors Bill Witherell talks about Australia's currency devaluation.

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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

April 14, 2015
Michael Drury

Michael Drury, chief economist of McVean and GIC chairman, discusses the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in the context of global events.

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International Markets in 2015 Q1

April 9, 2015
Michael McNiven

GIC Member Michael McNiven, of Cumberland Advisors, discusses international markets.

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

April 7, 2015
Michael Drury

GIC Chairman and Chief Economist of McVean Trading & Investments Michael Drury discusses the U.S. economy.

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US Market Review: 1Q2015

April 2, 2015
David R. Kotok

CIO of Cumberland Advisors and GIC Board Member David Kotok recaps the US market for the first quarter of 2015.

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