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Charles Plosser Receives the 2011 Global Citizen Award from GIC

VIDEO November 16, 2011

It is our honor to recognize Dr. Plosser for his commitment to encouraging global dialogue and free trade, principles outlined in our Declaration of Interdependence. As a member of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), he has been intimately involved with making decisions that affect our ever increasingly interdependent global economy. In addition to lending the support of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve to many GIC programs and events, President Plosser continues to support the mission of GIC by serving as a speaker and delegate for numerous GIC conferences domestically and internationally.

Speaker / Author

Charles I. Plosser, Ph.D.

Board Member, FINRA and Former President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Dr. Charles Plosser was president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. In this role, he participated on the Federal Reserve System's Federal Open Market Committee, which is responsible for conducting our nation's monetary policy. He currently serves on the FINRA Board of Governors. Dr. Plosser joined the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank in 2006. During his term, he and his colleagues faced the challenges of a global financial crisis followed by a severe recession. The Federal Reserve took unprecedented actions, in both monetary policy and in its lending operations, that helped mitigate the effects of the financial crisis and ... Read More