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AMT Session 1: Global Trade Imbalances and Current Challenges

VIDEO May 13, 2019

Speaker / Author

Apostolos Apostolou, Ph.D.

Economist at the European Central Bank

Apostolos Apostolou is an economist at the European Central Bank (ECB). At the ECB, he is conducting macrofinancial surveillance and macroeconomic projections for advanced and developing countries. Previously he was at the International Monetary Fund where he conducted macrofinancial and external sector surveillance, and was involved in financial sector assessments of advanced economies. He has worked on financial sector issues, financial system interconnectedness, debt finance, and on an IMF-supported financial assistance program. Before joining the IMF, he was at the World Bank working on economic policy issues in developing countries. He started his career in the private financial sector in ... Read More

Philip Kenworthy

First Secretary, British Embassy Washington

Philip Kenworthy has been working for the UK government for the past 5 years, first in Her Majesty’s Treasury in the UK, and for the last year in Washington DC as First Secretary, Economics at the British Embassy. In his current role Phil is responsible for macroeconomic reporting and financial sector policy, and liaises closely with representatives of the US government, the financial sector, think-tanks, academics and international institutions on policy issues concerning the UK. In HM Treasury, Phil held various roles spanning financial sector policy, global financial markets, fiscal policy, public investment planning and public-private partnerships policy. In addition ... Read More

Michael G. Papaioannou, Ph.D.

TA Expert Advisor, International Monetary Fund

Dr. Michael G. Papaioannou serves as a TA Expert Advisor at the International Monetary Fund and is a Visiting Scholar and Professor at the LeBow College of Business, School of Economics, Drexel University. He was a Deputy Division Chief at the Debt and Capital Markets Instruments, Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the International Monetary Fund until July 2017. While at the IMF, he served as a Special Adviser to the Governing Board of the Bank of Greece and led numerous IMF missions on developing economic and financial policies for emerging market and developed economies, designing and implementing sovereign asset ... Read More

Stephen Tokarick

Adjunct Lecturer, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

Stephen Tokarick began teaching courses in the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) International Economics program as an adjunct lecturer in the Summer of 2018. Prior to teaching at Johns Hopkins SAIS, he held a position as a senior economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In his nearly 27 years of service at the IMF, he held a variety of positions and spend most of his tenure in the Research Department conducting research on issues in international trade. He also held positions at the IMF in the Western Hemisphere Department working on economies in the Caribbean region ... Read More