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Promises We Must Keep

February 12, 2021
Philippa Dunne

James Kahn, Chair of the Economics Department at Yeshiva University, and Kevin Kliesen, Research Officer at the St Louis Fed, presented their economic outlooks in a recent Global Interdependence Center webinar. (You can find a taping at the GIC website.) James Kahn, in talking about the collapse in hours worked, noted that “I haven’t checked but […]

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Closing the Racial Inequality Gaps

February 2, 2021
Dana Peterson

Dana M Peterson, Chief Economist & Center Leader of Economy, Strategy & Finance at The Conference Board, and Catherine L Mann, Global Chief Economist at Citi Bank, report on the Economic Costs of U.S. Racial Inequality in a paper published by Citi GPS: Global Perspectives & Solutions in September 2020.

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